Donetsk National Technical University (DonNTU)

Донецький Національний Технічний університет
Donetsk National Technical University - DonNTU

Local coordinator: Anna Kuznetsova
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Donetsk National Technical University (DonNTU) is the oldest and the largest university of technology in East Ukraine – Donbass, established in 1921. It leans for support of its staff creative and scientific potential, has powerful logistics and stable traditions in engineers training. About 23 000 full time and correspondence students are trained at the University on its 60 specialities. DonNTU has highly qualified staff - over 150 professors, and about 700 assistant professors work at the University. There are 28 corresponding members and academicians of different engineering academies, 18 honoured scientists and teachers among the University staff. A number of the DNTU scientists are honored and full members of foreign scientific societies and academies. It has professors and students who are Soros' scholarship holder.
The Committee of the CRE, at its last meeting held in Bordeaux on 19 May 1999, has accepted application of DNTU for membership. Therefore the DonNTU has become a new member of the Association of European Universities (CRE). DonNTU is registered as a member of SEFI-a European engineering education association-and, as a full member of this non-governmental international organization, participates in the seminars and meetings organized by it as well as in the annual conference and meeting of the SEFI General Assembly.
DonNTU is a Contributing Member of the UNESCO International Centre for Engineering Education (UICEE). DNTU has adapted a new unified system of education degrees with qualification levels of specialist’s and master’s degrees, which makes it possible for the University to be a part of the common network of technical colleges of the EU. High quality engineers are trained here. The bronze medal awarded to the University at the IV World Conference on Engineering Education proves this. This Conference organized under the aegis of the International Liaison Group for Engineering Education(ILG-EE) in the USA attracted attention of the United Nations Organization experts and the representatives of a number of other authoritative organisations. ILG-EE holds this series of Conferences every three years. 50 world universities participated in it. Ukraine and our university was presented at the congress by Doctor of Science, Professor, Honoured scientist of Ukraine , Rector A. Minayev.
International students exchange The international position of DonNTU is also supported by the offer of studies in English, German, French and Polish.  Students who have proper knowledge in foreign languages and their speciality have a chance to be sent to study abroad. As a structural unit of Donetsk National Technical University it was founded in 1995. Its history goes back to 1970 with the foundation of Foreign Students' Training Office.
At present the institute includes: English Engineering Faculty; German Engineering Faculty; French Engineering Faculty; International Office; Foreign Students' Training Office; Departments of English, German, French, Russian and Ukrainian languages;

Department of Cultural Science.
•    Organizational management of the institute is done by the authority, managing body being the Institute Council. The program target of the institute is the integration of Donetsk National Technical University into the international system of technical university education.
•    Main areas of students training:
•    Mining engineering
•    Computer and information science
•    Machine-building
•    Metallurgy
•    Chemical technologies
•    Ecology
•    Economics
•    Power Engineering