Lviv Polytechnic National University (LPNU)

Національний університет “Львівська політехніка”

Lviv Polytechnic National University - LPNU

Local coordinator: prof. Mykhailo Lobur

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Administrative manager for Erasmus Mundus program
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Lviv Polytechnic National University (LPNU) is one of the oldest academic technical schools in Europe and the first in Ukrainian lands. It was founded in November 1844 as Technical Academy. In 1877 the Technical Academy was renamed into the Polytechnic School with the rights of a higher technical educational institution of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Today Lviv Polytechnic National University includes about 30 000 students, which study in 41 directions and 101 specialties. Over 185 doctors of science, professors and about 1000 candidates of science, associate professors work at the University. It consists of 16 institutes, 82 departments, a publishing house, a library, the Internet informational network. University comprises 27 academic and laboratory buildings, 3 high schools, 3 lyceums, astronomic and geodesic observatory in Shatsk, 15 halls of residence, a technological park, a sports complex consisting of two buildings, recreational camps in the Crimea, Mykolayiv region and Carpathians.

The University has wide international relations. General agreements on cooperation with more than 40 leading universities of Europe, America and Asia have been concluded. The most important among them are those with leading Polish technical universities Warsaw, Wroclaw, Rzeszow, Cracow, Silesian, and Czestochowa Universities of Technology, the Technical University of Lodz and Cracow University of Mining and Metallurgy. Cooperation according to these agreements is of a regional character international conferences are held, joint publications are published, wide exchange of students and teachers takes place. Lviv Polytechnic became a basis for establishing closer contacts between Ukrainian and Polish industrialists.

The project will be carried out by the Computer Aided Systems Department (CAD) of the Institute of Computer Science and Information Technologies. The department was founded in 1989 on the base of Department of Radio Devices’ Design and Manufacturing. 30 academics are employed at CADS. Among them: 3 professors; 15 associate professors; 5 senior lecturers and 7 assistants. The research mission of CADS Department is the research activities in the field of CAD tools development in microelectronics and Microsystems.

Scientific-research directions, which are conducted by the department staff:

·         The development of the methodology and models for Miscrosystems design and simulation;\

·         The development of CAD tools for the layout design of hybrid packages (nonregular structures): automatic and interactive placement, automatic and interactive routing, verification;

·         The development of the CAD tools for modeling and diagnosis of the IC's technological process: diffusion, oxidation, implantation, etc., statistical modeling, pattern recognition, etc;

·         The development of the CAD tools for the thermal design and simulation of microelectromechanical systems.